OneNet Servers hosts webinar on Robotics and its Career Opportunities


OneNet Servers would like to invite you to join our webinar on Robotics: Its Multisectoral Innovations and Career Opportunities on 29th August 2020

We are excited to host the seventh edition of Breakfast Chat. The Breakfast Chat is powered by START2DEV – an initiative aimed at mentoring startups on technical, business, innovation, sales, and marketing aspects of their careers to give them a flying start.



Robotics and Artificial intelligence are playing a huge role in the emergence of countries like China to world power. Hence, the lasting impact of Robots and AI in a nation’s growth and the private sector needs to be discussed.

With this webinar, you will learn about innovative autonomous robots for governmental and private sectors. Also, we’d look at the role of artificial intelligence in solving Africa and Nigeria’s biggest challenges. We will also ask questions about the reality of robots and AI, what it can and can’t do.

From this event, we intend for our audience to be able to identify career opportunities and necessary steps for career advancement.

The event starts at 10 am on the 29th of August. We can’t wait to see you!



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