Thin-Air Money: How Would Cryptocurrency Boost Nigeria Digital Economy


Bitcoin has swept Nigeria’s by storm and we are now seeing the government putting bans and policies in place to safeguard our citizens.
Are these policies and bans really necessary? or are they a way to stiffen the use of cryptocurrency in Nigeria.
Join us in this two hours webinar, as we discuss;

· The building blocks of cryptocurrency and blockchain

· Types of cryptocurrency and smart contracts

· The difference between traditional and cryptocurrency

· Economic Importance of cryptocurrency

Our speaker for this program is MICHAEL UCHE ONYIKE

Michael holds a BSc in Computer Science from Enugu State University of Science and Technology and he currently heads the IT Department of a prestigious Microfinance bank in Nigeria.

Outside banking and IT, Michael is a cryptocurrency enthusiast. He does training and workshops educating people on cryptocurrency.

This program was put together by Start2Dev under the e-nnovate Now series and it is proudly sponsored by OneNet Servers.

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