8 Killer Tips to Make Your Website More Impactful


We are in the 21st century and every business whether big, small or medium needs a professional website.

Then getting this website can be a little bit intimidating especially for those who are just starting out. Regardless, a good and functioning website helps a business build trust amongst clients and potential customers.

In the times we are in presently, keeping your larger goals and objectives in mind will prompt you to get a website as it will help you reach a larger community while growing.

Here are few tips that one way or the other help your business get noticed and help you generate impact:

1. Your website must be Clutter-Free: When building your business website, the design should be simple but it should be captivating. When the information is bulky or the design is too complicated, the reader can become overwhelmed. A simple and captivating website design send a message of professionalism.

2. Your website should be found easily on Google: Your website should have the least basic SEO. Find a good SEO friendly platform to build and maintain your website. This will make it easy for Google to rank your website. Having an uncluttered website site that sends out clear content with proper URLs, and relevant keywords, this will allow search engines like Bing, Google index your business website with ease.

3. Friendly to mobile phone interface: Not all your client will access your website with their PCs, some will be using their mobile phone to reach your website, your website has to be mobile friendly both for Android and iOS, if this is not achievable, you will lose a lot of potential customers. Research has it that we have more of Mobile users to web users, so your website has to be mobile friendly and fast in loading.


4. Visibility of contact details: Most business website tend to overlook the importance of visible contact details. Your business phone number and name should be placed in a place where all asundry can see it quickly. Create a contact page that has your email address, physical address, hours of operation and a map for easy direction to your organization.

5. Ensure your branding is professional: Ensure your business website designer gives your website a professional look. Avoid frivolities. When designing, let the designer use prominent colors chosen from your brand logo. The colors on your website void any frivolity on your small business website and focus on giving it a professional look that is consistent with your brand. Use colors that are prominent in your brand logo. Graphics and image used must synchronize.


6. Proper display of products and services: Your website must showcase your website effectively and efficiently. Do show too much products on one page, spread it out. You have a few seconds to capture or lose potential customers.

7. Quick Site load time: Ensure your small business website design was built or developed on the right server infrastructure and it has the right bandwidth supporting it. Don’t say you want your website to be beautifully built that you neglect the time it will take to load. A website that takes too long to load will easily frustrate customers.

8. Contents: Ensure you give out quality and relevant contents. Contents on how your product or service can solve real-life problems. These kind of contents will play an important role in getting you indexed by search engines. The more qualitative and quantitative your content is, the easier it is for search engines to find and index.

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